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In the car I generally listen to homemade Mix CDs culled from my music collection. When making these, I usually very carefully select what goes on them. Decided in a fit of boredom/sickness this weekend to just put my mp3 player on random and make a CD out of whatever it picked. If there was a song that was already on a mix currently in my car, or over 10 minutes in length, I would skip it. I also would skip a track if the same band was already on the CD. Here's what I ended up withCollapse )

I encourage everyone out there in LJ-land to do the same, and post the results!


Also of note from this past weekend: I finished the last of the Skittles miriku gave me about nine months ago in exchange for a ride home from work. It was a LOT of skittles.


... and Congratulations to Gregg and Danae. Sorry we couldn't make it down!

every hour, on the hour

Friday night I had my San Francisco DJing debut at die maschinen. Things went well, playlist coming soon. One thing about DJing in the secondary room in a club, however -- once you play something people don't recognize they bolt for the main room. Still, I had fun, and preteen pornstar was played and seemingly liked.


My company's CEO just walked around the office and handed everyone a package of Welch's Fruit Snacks. Strawberry flavored. I have no idea why.


The role of the crackpot theorist is far undervalued in literature these days (although greatly overvalued in government). To wit: The Enchanted Bomb, a treatise on the atomic bomb and it's impact on society, including radioactivity as proof that the earth is alive, and biblical validations of something. Not sure what, but it's a great read. Hyperactive colors and fonts only add to the experience.


They decided to hire "Jade Fang" as my superior after all. Unsure how long before I'll be required to carry out my first assassination.

we are like sheep

I've lived in three states: New York, Illinois, and California. And those were the three states (along with Pennsylvania) that gave the most electoral votes to Kerry. At least I've lived in good places on a regional level.

Expanding from that, my older brother antigen7 lives in New Jersey and voted for Kerry, and they went Democrat. My younger brother negativedreamer lives in Florida and votes Republican, and that state went for Bush.

So I think this generation of Tuffys has the power to influence the electoral college. I think for the good of the country, I should move to Florida, and we should get Shawn out to Wyoming or somewhere where he'd do the least damage.


Everyone in my office is down today. Not gonna be a real productive day, I dont' think.


One of the propositions on the ballot in San Francisco yesterday:

"Prop N will put on record that San Franciscans oppose the U.S. war and occupation of Iraq and demand that our troops come home now. Prop N will also set an example for other cities to demand that public resources be used for vital services."

It passed, 63%/36%.

that sound is more important than your entire life

So last Friday I was interviewing a candidate for my project's Head of Engineering (Jade Fang didn't get the job). I'm in the office's conference room, speaking with her, and I notice that behind her, in the mostly-empty bookcases on the wall, are two dvds of Chinese porn! With rather graphic cases. The interviewee didn't seem to noticed them, but I was afraid she was going to ask me about them.

(one of my company's projects is China Portal, which sells that sort of thing.)
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long-tongued zebra porn

Past few days update, in short, with pictures:

Mikey & Lindsay arrived in San Francisco on Wednesday, although not necessarily in that order. That evening brought the fun of the "urgent work call at 10pm", leading me to seek out internet where I could find it. Luckily, Talia was kind enough to let me go to her place and work, even though I'd only met her about 45 minutes earlier.

Thursday: Cruxshadows. Cheesy fun. Mikey gave a better writeup of the show in his LJ than I could, so go there if you're interested. If you want to see Lindsay's pics from the show, go here. Oh, and Jay let us know that he was going to be renting out our spare room.

Friday: Lui(x)za arrived in SF from Davis. We went to the much-hyped Tokyo Dark Castle, which ended up being the most fun I've had paying too much money to see crappy bands. Some pics:
- Not taken with a fish-eye lens, but looks like it was.
- The (hot!) ladies before we left
- Me, Val, Lindsay, Corey, and Luiza with the Bunny from Donny Darko
- My new roommate needs to learn to use the 'rotate' feature of photoshop

Look here and here for more Friday fun pics.

Saturday: Ate at the "Coffee Sh Prime", bid Luiza adieu, visited Chinatown, and went to Matt's party. Corey wore a freak costume that was a cross between some blue bird and the scary vagrant from Mulholland Drive.

Sunday: We didn't do much, but Erik hung out with Tori Spelling.

Thanks to Val, Lindsay, Mikey, Luiza, Corey, Jay, Matt, and everyone else for the wonderfully exhausting weekend. =)


"Mechagojira" won the 'new dj name poll' with about 70% of the votes. One thing the poll taught me is that people don't know how to pronounce 'mechagojira'. Here's my attempt at a phoneticism of it:


That J makes the standard english J sound, and not an h-like sound.


I keep hear people saying "this is the most important election of our lifetime", but I'm pretty sure that was the 2000 election -- we just didn't realize it at the time.
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you need to find the temple

November 12, I'll be returning to the DJ booth -- I'll be spinning the upstairs dance floor at Die Maschinen that night. I'd suggest you all come out, but just about everyone reading this either lives too far away, promotes the club already, or promotes a competing night. Heh.

As I've mentioned, "dj /dev/in" has been retired due to an existing "dj devon" in SF. So, I'll leave my replacement name up to you all:
Poll #374991 I need a new DJ name

What should my new DJ name be?

dj mechagojira
dj ductile
dj seppukake
dj armored weapon
dj seismic retrofit
dj snugglerape

Is "DJ snugglerape" really as that horrible?


Saw Cruxshadows last night. Had a fun time. More on that later, perhaps.


Boy, what awful grammar on that second poll question. I'm not fixing it. Too damn bad. And I reserve the right to ignore the poll results and choose whatever I feel like as a new name.
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